Product care guide


At OSPREY LONDON, we select the leathers used for our accessories for their individual beauty, performance and feel. Each skin is unique, so any quirks are viewed as characteristic of leather's natural appeal.


As with all natural materials, leather needs special care, so follow our recommendations to help keep your OSPREY LONDON leather bag looking as desirable tomorrow as it does today:

  • Keep your product away from direct sources of light and heat.
  • Ensure your leather product is not allowed to rub against other materials, to reduce any risk of colour transference and to retain its special finish.
  • Dampness, humidity and rain should be avoided. If your OSPREY product does become wet, blot the excess moisture with a soft, light-coloured cloth; stuff with tissue paper; and leave to dry naturally.
  • Don't overfill your OSPREY product to help it retain its shape.
  • Always refer stains to a specialist leather cleaner.

An extra word about Suede:

As another type of leather, please follow all of the care recommendations (above) to also keep Suede looking great, as they all apply.

In addition:

  • If planning to use a proprietary treatment spray, this must be at your own risk as it may affect the nature of the Suede. You may wish first to test on a hidden section for suitability.
  • A Suede Block or Brush can be used periodically to brush the nap to keep it looking fresh.

Treat them well and your OSPREY LONDON leather items will give you pleasure for many years to come.



The very first product Graeme Ellisdon created back in 1980 was a belt. It was handcut and stitched, just as they are today. “I have just one word of warning for you though,” says Graeme. “Once you've tried an OSPREY LONDON belt, little else feels as good or lasts as well. Enjoy!”  


Follow our leather care recommendations (above) for all leather products and look at Graeme’s top three leather belt tips below:

  • If you've got the space, why not display your belts from a hook or rail? This looks really effective and makes choosing a belt quick and easy.
  • Patent leather is the loner of the leather world: always store patent leather belts separately.
  • Always refer stains to a specialist leather cleaner.



As with all natural materials, leather needs special care, so please follow our recommendations to help keep leather shoes looking as desirable tomorrow as they do today:

• Remove any excess dirt with a soft bristled brush.
• Never dry your shoes by an open fire or artificial heat source, as this will cause the leather to harden, shrink and crack. It can even cause the leather to pull away from the sole. Always dry your shoes naturally at room temperature.
• Always store your shoes in a well ventilated, cool place away from sunlight or any heat which will tarnish the leather.
• Avoid exposing your shoes to chemical contamination. Solvents, strong acids, and alkalis will do irreparable damage to leather, whilst commonplace substances like milk and salt are also highly damaging. In the event of exposure, clean the shoes immediately using good quality cleaning substances specific to the material of your shoes.
• If in doubt, please refer to a specialist cobbler.



• To remove any dirt from the uppers, gently sponge off.
• Do not submerge in water or allow to become wet.
• Cannot be dry cleaned or tumble dried.



OSPREY LONDON best-selling scarves are a brilliant way to update your look and introduce colour and pattern to your wardrobe. Follow these recommendations to keep your OSPREY LONDON scarf looking great:


  • Keep your scarf away from jewellery, buckles and other fastenings that could snag it. Silk scarves can become damaged by fragrance so always allow fragrance and any hair products to dry completely before putting on your scarf.
  • Don't leave scarves in bright sunlight, as this can cause colours to fade.
  • When not wearing your scarf, fold it carefully and store in drawer or box lined with tissue paper. Cedar balls or lavender sachets are recommended if moths are a problem in your area. Alternatively you can lightly drape your scarf over a padded hanger.
  • If stored correctly, most wrinkles will drop out while wearing but if faced with a stubborn crease, iron through a cloth on the coolest setting, ensuring there is no water in your iron.
  • Always follow the care label and refer stains to a specialist cleaner.



Cashmere is a beautiful natural fibre that offers a luxurious softness and warmth and once you’ve tried OSPREY LONDON Cashmere, you’ll never look at regular knitwear the same way!  Follow these instructions to keep your cashmere looking great:

Cashmere can be dry cleaned or handwashed with care:


  • Add a mild detergent or cashmere shampoo to lukewarm water.
  • Gently move the fabric through the water. Do not wring or stretch.
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean, lukewarm water.
  • Without wringing, gently squeeze the excess water from the garment and place flat on a towel. Reshape the garment and ensure it is done up to avoid stretching out of shape.
  • Allow to dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry.


Never hang cashmere: instead, always store flat. To keep moths at bay, consider using moth balls or use cedar balls or rosemary as a natural deterrent.  


The long fibres on cashmere over time may cause pilling. This is natural with all cashmere and can be easily removed using a cashmere comb or electric depiller.



In Sterling Silver and Gold plated Silver, OSPREY LONDON jewellery is designed to go with everything. Follow these recommendations to keep your OSPREY LONDON jewellery looking great:


  • Keep away from buckles and other fastenings that could snag it.
  • Always allow fragrance and any hair products to dry completely before putting on jewellery.
  • When not being worn, jewellery should be stored separately.
  • Always keep away from sources of heat, light and moisture.



Handcrafted in solid Silver featuring gemstones and polished ammonite fossils, follow these care recommendations to protect your Silver OSPREY LONDON cufflinks:


  • Silver will naturally tarnish over time and with wear. To help retain its original lustre, polish it regularly with a soft dry cloth.
  • If using a special silver cloth, ensure that it does not come into contact with the fossil.
  • Store your silver cufflinks apart in their box in a cool, dry place.
  • Remove these precious cufflinks before undertaking domestic or manual work.
  • Avoid contact with water and chemicals such as aftershave and sun cream.



OSPREY LONDON Glasses are made by hand to create a product that looks, feels and performs beautifully. Please follow this care advice to help keep your glasses that way:


  • Hold your glasses by the frame and avoid putting them face down on any surface to avoid scratching the lenses.
  • Always clean your glasses with a soft clean cloth such as the special microfibre cloth provided.
  • Warm soapy water can be used if lenses become particularly dirty. Avoid using solvents or alcohol on your glasses.
  • Always keep your glasses in the case provided when not in use.



OSPREY LONDON heavy duty Canvas is selected for its rugged good looks and hard-wearing qualities – the more it ages, the better it looks.


  • Store flat or stuffed out, away from direct sunlight.
  • Brush clean. Do not wash, bleach, dry clean or iron.
  • As our Canvas and Waxed Canvas bags are trimmed with leather, we always recommend referring to a specialist leather cleaner.




  • Do not wash, bleach, dry clean or iron. Clean with damp cloth only.
  • Store flat or stuffed out, away from direct sunlight, with the handles laid flat.




  • We recommend storing stuffed out, ensuring the handles are not creased or folded.
  • Do not wash, bleach, dry clean, rub or iron.
  • Avoid soaking and if the basket becomes wet, allow to air-dry naturally.
  • Keep strong colours away from other fabrics to avoid the risk of colour transference.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.