Our leathers


Whether you're searching for a perfect men's leather holdall or women's shoulder bag, for me, it all begins with the leather" says Graeme Ellisdon.

As a natural material, every leather we use has its own personality. For example, Saddle leather is richly reminiscent of gentlemen's clubs with a heritage that lends itself perfectly to traditional messenger bags and holdall styles of our men's collection.

The leathers we use are high quality cowhides, unless otherwise stated, and are by-products of the food industry, including the strict but sexy Polished Croc leather with which OSPREY LONDON has become synonymous.


At OSPREY LONDON, we select the leathers used for our accessories for their individual beauty, performance and feel. Each skin is unique, so any quirks are viewed as characteristic of leather's natural appeal.

As with all natural materials, leather needs special care so follow our recommendations to help keep your OSPREY LONDON leather accessory looking as desirable tomorrow as it does today:

  • Keep your product away from direct sources of light and heat.
  • Ensure your leather product is not allowed to rub against other materials, to reduce any risk of colour transference and to retain its special finish.
  • Dampness, humidity and rain should be avoided. If your OSPREY product does become wet, blot the excess moisture with a soft, light-coloured cloth; stuff with tissue paper; and leave to dry naturally.
  • Don't overfill your OSPREY wallet or purse to help it retain its shape.
  • Always refer stains to a specialist leather cleaner.

Treat it well and your OSPREY LONDON product will give you pleasure for many years to come.


On every product page, you'll notice that we've specified which kind of leather has been used. You can find out more about our leathers simply by scrolling down.

Anaconda leather

OSPREY LONDON Anaconda leather is supple calf leather that is embossed with an exotic snake print and a peachy, matt finish. This leather could get you into a lot of trouble, so beware! It's pure rock & roll!

Brushed Calf leather

This elegant cowhide is a brilliant colour carrier and has a wonderfully polished sheen that simply adds to the attraction.

English Saddle leather

One of the first leathers which OSPREY LONDON used to create belts when Graeme Ellisdon founded our brand back in 1980. Still a firm favourite today.

Florentine leather

This buttersoft calf leather takes colour beautifully and is prized for its wonderful, drapey character.

Nappa leather

Our Nappa leather is a completely natural, aniline cowhide that has to be touched to be fully appreciated. We love its supersoft feel as it makes up into the most beautiful unstructured handbags you can imagine.

Old Calf leather

This characterful and robust leather has a wonderfully weathered look that just gets better with age. We love its natural drape and masculine appeal.

Polished Calf leather

This very special Italian calf leather sometimes referred to as Abbrasivato is handcoloured and polished repeatedly to create its highly revered, glass-like sheen.

Polished Croc leather

This wonderfully cultured, elegant calf leather is embossed with a croc print with a hand-finished appearance and patina of deep colour. A leather thoroughbred that makes beautifully structured handbags, purses and wallets, Polished Croc leather is one of our most important signature leathers.

Polished Hide

This rich, vegetable-tanned Italian cowhide is given a highly polished finish. This elegant leather takes on the life you give it and just gets better with age.

Soft Italian Calf leather

This premium full-grain Italian calf leather has a wonderful drape and takes colour beautifully, making it a natural choice for our new season collections.

Smooth Calf leather

An OSPREY LONDON favourite, this supple and elegant leather is a wonderful vehicle for the new season’s colour palette and has a smart, glacé finish.

Saddle leather

OSPREY LONDON Saddle leather is hand dyed and pit tanned in the ancient tradition, which gives it integrity. It has all the colour variations and sensual character you'd expect from a natural leather and as such, it really appeals to the senses. A leather with long history of use in England, it has a strong equestrian association and gets better and better with age, love and care.

Shrunken Grain leather

A very special OSPREY LONDON leather that has a deep, natural grain and a soft, buttery handle: it has a rich and distinctive drape that makes handsome accessories.

Vacchetta leather

This premium Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide is often referred to as 'the king of leathers'. Through handling and exposure to sunlight, this leather evolves a rich patina that gets better with age and use. In Italy, Vacchetta leather bags are most highly prized when they have been used for years and wear the marks of their history with pride.

Vintage Saddle leather

Our Vintage Saddle leather is a traditional leather noted for both its texture and its toughness.

Washed Nappa leather

We love the character of this supple leather, which undergoes a washing process to create a beautifully textured finish which adds to the beauty of its drape.

Worn Nappa leather

OSPREY LONDON Worn Nappa leather has a vintage, distressed grain that we celebrate and adore. It has all the character of a well-loved favourite with a snuffed grain making it ideally suited to some of our more casual styles.