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Fig Tree Fragrance Diffuser

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  • OSPREY LONDON Cut Grass Fragrance Diffuser.
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Colour: Fig Tree

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 200ml

An intoxicating blend of ripe figs and sandalwood, Graeme Ellisdon's softly sensuous home fragrance diffuser invites dreams of lying beneath the branches of an old fig tree as the sun warms your skin.


An intoxicating blend of ripe figs and sandalwood, Graeme Ellisdon's softly sensuous home fragrance diffuser invites dreams of lying beneath the branches of an old fig tree as the sun warms your skin.

In sandblasted lavender-coloured glass containing a high percentage of essential oils, this sophisticated mélange of green fruity notes, melting with sandalwood, jasmine, hyacinth and cyclamen will gently perfume your home, permeating the air via the rattan reeds.

Comes in a beautiful black OSPREY LONDON presentation box - the perfect gift for any home lover. 

  • OSPREY LONDON home fragrance in a 200ml frosted, coloured glass bottle with OSPREY LONDON logo on the front; plastic stopper and natural rattan reeds to allow the fragrance to disperse gently through the air.

  • Housed securely in a black OSPREY LONDON cardboard box with a band design in shades of purple, reinforced with an inner card construction to keep it rigid and the contents safe.

  • The fragrant oil blend contains a high percentage of essential oils, which ensures a clean, true fragrance.

  • Handle with care. Safety instructions appear on the base of the diffuser and printed on an additional safety leaflet placed inside the box: please read before use and refer to instructions on How to Use Your Diffuser.

  • Avoid all contact with skin, eyes, jewellery and coloured or varnished surfaces.

We want you to enjoy your OSPREY LONDON Home Fragrance Diffuser safely, so please take a moment to read How To Use Your Diffuser and the important warnings below.


For best results, place the diffuser bottle on a flat, level surface, ideally on a protective plate, avoiding any contact with painted, varnished or polished finishes.

  • Avoiding any contact with the skin, eyes or jewellery, remove and dispose of the cap safely.

  • Wash hands immediately after use.

  • Place 4 to 6 reeds in the bottle and allow the liquid to become absorbed along their entire length, so that the fragrance can disperse into the air.

  • A greater number of reeds will increase the fragrance effect.

  • The reeds should be turned carefully every few days to ensure that the diffuser continues to work effectively.


  • Highly flammable. Do not use near flames or heat.

  • Do not light the reeds.

  • Irritant: contact may cause skin irritation.

  • Avoid all contact with the skin and eyes.

  • In the event of accidental contact, wash with copious amounts of clean water.

  • If swallowed, seek immediate medical advice and show information and packaging.

  • Always wash hands immediately after contact such as turning the reeds.

  • Follow advice given here as to where and how to place your diffuser.

  • Avoid fragile, delicate or varnished surfaces. Wipe up any spillages immediately.

  • Keep away from children and pets.

  • Do not use for anything other than intended purpose.