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Q: Where do you begin the design process?

A: For me, it all begins with the leather. Different leathers have different characteristics that will suggest a particular route or a feel.Click through for more information on our leathers.



Q: Where do you like to sketch your designs?

A: I don't sketch: I'm what you might call a hands-on designer. I take a piece of leather and engineer it into a working 3D sample. I'm interested in the performance and mechanics of how a bag works so it is built from the inside out with zip-up security compartments, clasps and mobile phone pockets all playing a role. This way your bag will maintain its shape and look beautiful for longer.



Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I take it from everything that interests me - from my travels and my garden, from music, art and literature and even traditional equestrian tackle. With its straps and buckles, it reminds us of our links with the land while carrying a subtly sexy hint of punk bondage. You might describe some of my designs as rock & roll saddlery. I also find mid-century style fascinating: that can-do spirit & glamour of the 1940s and 1970s that the English show when times are tough strikes a chord with me now.



Q: How easy is it to dream up two collections a year?

A: I'm constantly creating, looking at leathers and linings, stitching and clasps, shape and scale. Hundreds of ideas are then edited down to make each season's collection of stylish bags that will give your wardrobe an instant fashion-fix with the promise that they'll still be looking great in years to come.



Q: How important is it to have celebrities endorsing your brand?

A: I've always had a very distinguished clientele, from royalty to stars of stage, screen, music and the arts through to people who are at the top of their business profession. That's very heartening but I truly value discretion. If you believe, as I do, that style is eternal, then you'll go your own way in life, be original, have fun and not follow others. I think these are all qualities that people who wear OSPREY LONDON would recognise in themselves. It's not just the bag you choose that says something about you but the way you wear it and mix it with other pieces that is the mark of true style.

Osprey London