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Scarves Handmade For OSPREY LONDON

As a designer I love working with companies that share our ethos, using traditional techniques and natural materials to create special products that stand out from the crowd.


For me, scarves were a natural addition to OSPREY LONDON: after all, silk has a multi-sensory appeal matched only by leather. So every season, we travel to Italy to work with a renowned family-owned company based on the shores of Lake Como. For three generations, this company has woven, dyed, printed and finished fine silks, chiffons and linens and since 2009 has used their skills to create scarves of distinction for OSPREY LONDON.


Shop women's or men's scarves - or visit us in store to see more!



Follow these recommendations to keep your OSPREY LONDON scarf looking great:

  • Keep your scarf away from jewellery, buckles and other fastenings that could snag it. Silk scarves can become damaged by fragrance so always allow fragrance and any hair products to dry completely before putting on your scarf.

  • Don't leave scarves in bright sunlight, as this can cause colours to fade.

  • When not wearing your scarf, fold it carefully and store in drawer or box lined with tissue paper. Cedar balls or lavender sachets are recommended if moths are a problem in your area. Alternatively you can lightly drape your scarf over a padded hanger.

  • If stored correctly, most wrinkles will drop out while wearing but if faced with a stubborn crease, iron through a cloth on the coolest setting, ensuring there is no water in your iron.

  • Always follow the care label and refer stains to a specialist cleaner.

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